Together we are Haley & Mason

warm, nostalgic, filmy, soft, romantic

We are Haley and Mason, the faces behind the lens of Haley Mae Photo & Film. Our mission is to capture your most authentic moments and bust a dance move with you on the dance floor. Per our companies namesake, Haley is the founder, and Mason, her right hand man. Together we bring our support and expertise in commemorating your big day with many laughs and lots of party in between. We are honored to serve our clients and make connections that last beyond the sparkler send offs.

Hey, I'm Haley

I’m a photographer and creative director. Since childhood I’ve been documenting the memories of my family, friends and myself. I hope that in choosing me to create something for you, I can do more than bring your brand or idea to life. Together we can make imagery that tells a story and makes people feel something.

What's up, I'm Mason

I’m a full-time wedding videographer! 3 years ago I dropped out of college to pursue wedding videography with my whole heart and I haven't looked back since! To this day I’m in love with the process and creating a story with every wedding we do. Being able to capture a couple’s special day and return it to them as an everlasting love story is the most rewarding career I could have asked for.

Our Love Story

We are Haley and Mason!! Haley is all about photo and mason does the video side of things. Believe it or not we met in person-and had no idea each other existed. Which is surprising, in my opinion, with social media and growing up 20 minutes away from one another. 

The most important thing you need to know about us is that we LOVE what we do. This job is a product of 6 years of dreaming, working hard and taking risks. Choosing us as your photo/video team does not mean you are just going to get another wedding vendor. Choosing us means new friends. We care about your authenticity and who you are as human beings. We promise to cheer you on long after your wedding day is over and your photos are delivered! We are so blessed to still be in contact with so many of our brides and grooms from the past! As you’re looking through this guide- I hope you can see the love we put into capturing every real moment we can.